Seattle Landlord Tenant Law

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New Seattle Tenant Protections in Response to COVID Crisis

Seattle has passed three new tenant protection laws in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Inability to pay defense. For a six-month period after the mayor’s residential eviction moratorium ends, tenants may raise an inability to pay as a defense. This law does not prevent landlords from starting an eviction action, […]

Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Seattle First-in-Time Ordinance.

Seattle passed a law in 2017 requiring landlords to accept the first financially qualified rental applicant who applies. The law took away any discretion on the part of the landlord, required the landlord to keep detailed records of when rental inquiries were received, and threatened landlords with hefty penalties for […]

Seattle Laws Allow Tenants to Terminate Tenancy

Seattle landlords are required to give all residential tenants a tenant information packet and voter registration information. The City has combined the tenant information packet and the voter registration packet into one packet. [1] If the landlord fails to provide the tenant information and voter registration packet, the tenant may give […]

Seattle Limits Landlords from Screening for Criminal History

Update: This proposal was passed into law.  A proposed Seattle ordinance would limit landlords’ use of criminal history, including sex offender registration.[1] Under the proposal, among other requirements and prohibitions: landlords could not use arrest records for any purpose, since an arrest is not proof of guilt; landlords could not […]