Free Residential Eviction Notice Forms

These eviction forms are intended for the state of Washington. Even in Washington the choice of forms and the particular manner of the use of forms may not be in your best interest. No attorney-client relationship is established by use of the free forms. For information about your circumstances seek the advice of an attorney.

We advise careful reading of our instructions on serving eviction notices before taking any action..

Instructions on Serving Notices

Serving Eviction Notices

Eviction Forms for Washington State

Use these forms for all residential tenancies outside of Seattle or Tacoma, and for all commercial tenancies.

Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate–Washington residential properties

Residential Fourteen Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate

For Tacoma residential properties, also serve this form from the City website required by local law:

City of Tacoma required additional form for Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate

Notice to Comply or Vacate

Notice to Comply or Vacate (“Ten-day Notice”)

Notice to Comply or Vacate (“Ten-day Notice”) – Seattle

Notice to Comply or Vacate (“Ten-day Notice”) – Tacoma

Notice to Terminate Tenancy

Notice to Terminate Tenancy (“Twenty-day Notice”)

Notice Terminating Tenancy–Seattle

Notice Terminating Tenancy (“60-day notice”)- Tacoma

Other Landlord Notices

48-hour Notice to Enter

Post-tenancy Notice Regarding Deposits

Notice of Apparent Abandonment

Post-foreclosure Notice to Occupants

Post-foreclosure Notice