Wife Not Named in Eviction

A husband and wife owned a home that was foreclosed. The wife moved out months prior to the foreclosure auction. The purchasers at the foreclosure auction served legal notices on the husband, but did not name the wife in the notices. The foreclosure purchasers served two notices—a “twenty-day” notice to […]

Tenants May Claim Relocation Assistance in Eviction Cases

Pham, a Seattle residential landlord, bought a rental property at foreclosure. It was metered for five units, so he assumed it was properly permitted for five living units. It turned out that the building was only permitted as a triplex. Pham rented Unit 5 to Corbett and Morgan. The tenants […]

No Attorney Fees for Eviction after Foreclosure

The buyer of a house at a foreclosure auction is generally entitled to possession twenty days after the foreclosure sale, but with protections of tenants of the former owner under both state and federal laws.   If the occupants to not vacate, the buyer may evict via an unlawful detainer […]