New Law Affects Tenant Screening



Beginning June 07, 2012 Washington state residential landlords who charge a fee for background checks will face new requirements.[1]


The landlords will be required to disclose:


  • what types of information will be accessed to conduct the tenant screening;
  • what criteria may result in the denial of the application;
  • the name and address of the consumer reporting agency, if used;
  • the prospective tenant’s right to obtain a free copy of the consumer report  in the event of an adverse action and to dispute the accuracy of information in the consumer report


This information must be provided whether the landlords use a reporting agency or screen the tenant themselves.


If the landlord takes an adverse action the landlord must give written notice in a form required by the new law.


A prospective landlord who fails to comply with the new law may be subject to civil liability of $100 per violation plus court costs and attorney fees.





[1] SB 6315