Landlord-Tenant Law

Tenants May Pursue Consumer Protection Act Claim

The Handlins applied to rent an apartment. They were turned down because a tenant screening report showed a previous eviction. The Handlins provided information showing that the previous eviction case had been resolved in their favor. The credit reporting agency corrected the report. The Handlins were still turned down for […]


An Attorney is Required in Court for LLCs and Corporations

Any LLC or corporation appearing as a party in a lawsuit must be represented by an attorney. A non-lawyer cannot represent a professional services corporation, even if he or she is the corporation’s sole director, officer, and shareholder. This rule applies in eviction cases (a.k.a. unlawful detainer actions), and applies […]

Tenants May Claim Relocation Assistance in Eviction Cases

Pham, a Seattle residential landlord, bought a rental property at foreclosure. It was metered for five units, so he assumed it was properly permitted for five living units. It turned out that the building was only permitted as a triplex. Pham rented Unit 5 to Corbett and Morgan. The tenants […]

Landlord-Tenant Disputes Subject to Mandatory Arbitration

A tenant and her landlords disputed certain conditions in the property. The landlords believed the tenant was allowing damage to the property by improperly leaving windows open.   When the tenant requested certain repairs, the landlords while in the property making the unrelated repairs nailed a window shut and disabled […]