Landlord-Tenant Law

Commercial Lease Co-Signer Not Liable

A landlord and tenant entered into a commercial lease. The landlord required an additional signer as security. The lease expired. The tenants were current on the rent at the time the lease expired. The tenants stayed in possession and began a month-to-month tenancy. The tenants soon fell behind on rent, a moved out after several […]

Landlord Duties Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Landlords often use a consumer report to screen new tenant applicants. The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) mandates that a landlord who uses a consumer report make certain disclosures when the landlord takes an action adverse to a new tenant. Consumer report. A consumer report contains information about a person’s credit characteristics, character, general […]

Innocent Washington Tenants get Blacklisted

Ignacio and Norma had a valid lease and did nothing to warrant eviction. They renewed their lease for an additional year. One month later a new landlord bought the apartment building. The new landlord asked them to sign a new month-to-month rental agreement. The tenants refused, because the landlord was subject to the lease signed […]