Governor Inslee Extends and Modifies Eviction Moratorium

Governor Inslee has extended the state-wide residential eviction moratorium through August 2.

A new exception is added that allows owners to give 60 days’ notice if the owner intends to “personally occupy the premises as a primary residence” or sell the property.

Note that the tenancy would already have to be month-to-month (or expired). This provision does not give owners the right to terminate a lease contract early.

Any notice terminating a tenancy should give the last day of a rental period (usually a calendar month) as the date of termination. The notice therefore should not give 60 days from the current date, but the last day of a month (or other rental period if the agreement is otherwise) and be served at least 60 days in advance.

Owners also need to comply with local laws, some of which require longer notice periods for an intent to occupy or sell.

Seek the advice of an attorney if uncertain.

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