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Articles about eviction of reluctant former owners after foreclosure and foreclosure rescue scams.

No Attorney Fees for Eviction after Foreclosure

The buyer of a house at a foreclosure auction is generally entitled to possession twenty days after the foreclosure sale, but with protections of tenants of the former owner under both state and federal laws.   If the occupants to not vacate, the buyer may evict via an unlawful detainer action the occupants of the […]

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Home Equity Skimming Dismissal Reversed by Supreme Court

A man with a learning disability and limited education lost his job in 2008, and soon fell over $10,000 behind on property taxes. The county had not yet issued a certificate of delinquency, but the homeowner felt desperate to borrow against the significant equity in his home and pay the taxes to save his house. […]

Eviction After Foreclosure

NOTE: This information in this article has been superseded by subsequent legislation. See New Laws Protect Tenants When Landlord is Foreclosed   An eviction notice is required for most evictions in Washington.  However, case law establishes that such a notice is not required to evict someone after foreclosure. Twenty days after foreclosure the successful bidder […]