commercial lease

Amending or Waiving Landlord-Tenant Law by Contract

FPA Crescent Associates, LLC (FPA) owns the Crescent Building in Spokane, Washington.  It leased a portion of the building to Pendleton Enterprises LLC (Pendleton).   The lease defined the “lease term” as beginning on the commencement date and ending on the expiration date, unless terminated sooner pursuant to the express […]

Which Lease Covenants Run With the Land?

Niko’s Gourmet Inc. rented commercial space from Pacific Security Financial Inc. The owners of Niko’s Gourmet Inc. personally guaranteed the lease obligations. Pacific Security Financial Inc. sold the building to Peyton Building, LLC. Pacific Security Financial Inc. and Peyton Building, LLC. did not, however, execute an assignment of the lease.

Commercial Eviction Upheld on Appeal

A landlord leased commercial space to a tenant to operate a nightclub. The commercial tenant fell behind in rent. The landlord served a notice to pay rent or vacate, giving the statutory three-day period. The lease provided for twenty days to cure non-payment of rent. The tenant argued on appeal […]