Tacoma Government Passes 90-Day Notice Rule

Tacoma has passed an ordinance that requires landlords to give tenants 90 days notice when the tenancy is being terminated due to “demolition, substantial rehabilitation or change of use of a residential dwelling.” State law requires only 20 days notice to month-to-month tenants.

The law takes effect sunsets October 31, 2018. The interim law is intended to provide enhanced protections while the City of Tacoma considers other housing and tenant protections, according to the City of Tacoma website. The new law also requires landlords to meet with tenants at least ten days prior to serving a 90 day notice. At least seven days notice of the meeting must be given to each tenant.

The action was spurred by the Tiki Apartments new owner, who has given all residents 20-day notices because it wants to renovate the building. The current residents are all low-income. The City of Tacoma negotiated with the owner, who agreed to extend the deadline for Tiki Apartment residents to vacate, according to the City’s website.

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