Tacoma Landlord Tenant Attorney

Travis Eller has represented landlord clients in Tacoma and all of Pierce County for more than ten years. He has represented hundreds of Pierce County landlord clients in eviction cases.

Many evictions go through a show cause hearing, and some eviction cases go all the way to trial.  If your case should be one of the few eviction cases that goes to trial – Travis Eller has been there, and has tried eviction cases in Pierce County. Mr. Eller accepts residential eviction cases, commercial eviction cases, mobile home park evictions, as well as post-foreclosure eviction cases.

Pierce County residential tenants get a free attorney. Even if the tenant does not know what legal arguments to make, the free Housing Justice Project attorney will. It may be wise to also have an attorney representing you throughout the process.

All eviction cases are heard in Superior Court. In Pierce County that means that all eviction cases are filed in Tacoma. If your Pierce County eviction case goes to a hearing Mr. Eller will be with you in court in the City-County Building in Tacoma.

Mr. Eller has taught several continuing legal education seminars on landlord-tenant law in Tacoma, including landlord-tenant seminars on Ethics in 2012, on Landlord and Tenant Obligations in 2013, and Landlord and Tenant Obligations in 2014, as well as numerous other  legal education seminars on landlord-tenant law at other locations.


If you have a landlord-tenant issue in Tacoma or anywhere in Pierce County, Washington please contact our landlord-tenant attorney.

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