Seattle Laws Allow Tenants to Terminate Tenancy

Seattle landlords are required to give all residential tenants a tenant information packet and voter registration information. The City has combined the tenant information packet and the voter registration packet into one packet. [1]

If the landlord fails to provide the tenant information and voter registration packet, the tenant may give notice and terminate the tenancy. The tenant may also sue the landlord for actual damages, attorney fees, and monetary penalties of up to $1,000.[2]

This rule applies to all residential tenancies in Seattle, including oral agreements and/or month-to-month agreements.

If you have questions about landlord-tenant law you should consult with an attorney.



[1] See Seattle Dept. of Construction and Inspections at (last accessed 11-02-2017).

[2]  SMC 7.24.060, 7.24.080.