How long does an eviction in Washington take?

Generally, an eviction in Washington usually takes about three to six weeks.  It really depends on how aggressively the tenant wants to resist eviction.  If the tenant wants to delay the eviction, the tenant can force the landlord to set the eviction case for a show cause hearing by simply responding to the complaint. This is true even if the landlord is not interested in trying to collect rent or other money owed, and is focused only on regaining possession of the rental.

In a small percentage of cases there can be longer delays. Occasionally, a tenant will file a bankruptcy petition–often on the eve of a hearing. If the tenant files a bankruptcy petition prior to a court order granting possession, this stops the eviction process and forces the landlord to file a motion in federal bankruptcy court, causing significant delay. A small percentage of cases are set for trial at the show cause hearing. This can delay the eviction by a month, or more. These scenarios are rare, but do occur occasionally. Again, the bankruptcy and/or trial scenario when they do occur will apply whether the landlord is interested in seeking rent or other money owed, or not.

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