Washington Landlord Tenant Law

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Seattle First in Time Law Upheld

The controversial Seattle First in Time law was recently upheld by the Washington Supreme Court. Under the First in Time law, Seattle landlords seeking to fill vacant residential tenancies must provide notice of their rental criteria, screen applications in chronological order, and offer the tenancy to the first qualified applicant, […]

New Landlord-Tenant Laws

New laws recently went into effect that make important changes to residential landlord-tenant law.  These changes are too numerous and nuanced to exhaustively cover here. Some of the more important changes are highlighted below. 14-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate There is no longer a 3-day notice for non-payment […]

Seattle’s War on Landlords

The City of Seattle has declared war on landlords in a misguided effort to address the affordable housing issue. The City of Seattle has banned landlords from considering criminal history, required landlords to accept the first financially qualified applicant with no discretion, capped security deposits and other legitimate move-in charges, […]