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Fighting City Hall

Old City Hall LLC bought a commercial building in Tacoma with the intent to convert it into luxury condos. Old City Hall needed tenants in the building to vacate to speed up the process. Old City Hall offered to “buy out” existing commercial leases – offering the commercial tenants financial incentives to agree to terminate […]



Commercial Eviction Upheld on Appeal

A landlord leased commercial space to a tenant to operate a nightclub. The commercial tenant fell behind in rent. The landlord served a notice to pay rent or vacate, giving the statutory three-day period. The lease provided for twenty days to cure non-payment of rent. The tenant argued on appeal that the notice was defective. […]

Landlord and Tenant Both Want Attorney Fees

A commercial landlord brought an eviction against its tenant. The landlord also filed a separate lawsuit for rent and other money allegedly owed. The eviction was set for trial. The landlord and tenant agreed that the tenant would vacate prior to the trial date, and the tenant in fact vacated the commercial rental property. The […]


Implied Warranties in Commercial Leases

Courts in some jurisdictions have extended the implied warranty of habitability to commercial leases to find an implied warranty of fitness for intended purpose.[1] Some commentators find the implied warranty of fitness analogous to the implied warranty of merchantability in the Uniform Commercial Code.[2] No Washington decision to date has found an implied warranty in […]