Burien Landlord Tenant Law

Residential landlords in Burien may only evict for just cause. This is true even if the tenant is month-to-month.

Just cause includes failure to pay rent, and other tenant breaches of a rental agreement.

A landlord who seeks to discontinue sharing the landlord’s own housing unit may terminate a tenancy.

A landlord may also evict if the landlord or immediate family member intends to reside in the dwelling and the landlord gives at least 90 days’ notice;  the landlord intends to sell the dwelling and gives at least 90 days’ notice; the landlord seeks to do substantial rehabilitation of the dwelling after obtain permits and giving the tenant at least 120 days’ notice. A landlord who terminates a tenancy under any of these provisions who does not carry out the stated grounds may be liable for $2,000 plus costs and attorney fees.

There are various other enumerated less common grounds deemed just cause to terminate a tenancy.

Any termination notice must be in writing, must be served in a manner as required by state landlord-tenant law, and the termination date must be the last day of the rental term or the last day of a month. The termination date is not calculated as a specified number of days from the current date.

The landlord must have a business license if required. Failure to obtain a business license is a defense to an eviction, even if just cause to evict exists. The landlord may seek a continuance of the eviction action to obtain the license.

This short summary is not a substitute for legal advice. For questions about your circumstances you should consult with an attorney.

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